Het Nieuwe Testament of Alle boeken van het Nieuwe Verbond onzes Heeren Jezus Christus - (The New Testament of the New Covenant of our Lord Jesus Christ) - Gerrit Jan Vos Adriaanzoon.

Date and language: 1893 Dutch

Translator: Gerrit Jan Vos

Gerrit Jan fox Adriaanszoon was born on July 12, 1836 at Harderwijk (Netherlands). Gerrit Jan wanted to be a baker and he worked in this field for some time. However, he had increasing ambition to become a preacher. At the age of 20 he went to Utrecht to study theology. In 1862, he became a preacher or minister in the Dutch reformed Church in Oostermeer and later from 1865 at Spannum. Both church congregations are situated in the province of Friesland. He became the editor of the “ecclesiastical magazine” and as a son of a school master he concentrated especially on articles on education. He opened Christian schools in several villages.

From 1869 he continued his career in the province of Zeeland, in the city of Goes. Later, in 1872, he opened a Christian school in Middelburg. Meanwhile he had obtained, with the highest praise, his degree as a doctor in theology. From 1875 he worked and lived in Amsterdam. He wrote many books on the subject of church history and Christian education, which resulted in him becoming a much loved author. Gerrit Jan Vos died on April 9, 1912 in Amsterdam.

Translation: For his translation of the New Testament Vos used the State Bible, the translation of Vissering and the Synodale translation. For the Greek text he used the translation of Tisschendorf from 1624. He added many footnotes to clarify the Bible texts for the readers, frequently adding his personal opinion. However, his translation was not very popular and it was restricted to one edition.

God’s name: In a number of footnotes God’s is name written as Jehova.

Texts: We show Matthew 1 verse 20 and 23.


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