Vulgata Clementina & Versio Latina

Date and language:1729 - Latin edition

Translation:The writer of this Bible was Francisci Vatabli (also: Franciscus Vatablus or François barrel-able one). He lived from 1485 until 1547 and was an important French Hebraist and Theologian.

In this Bible two translations are placed beside each other. On the left side the Latin Vulgate and on the right side the Latin translation by Santes Pagnino. Santes Paginio lived from approximately 1466 until 1541. He was a dominican, prominent orientalist and a Bible translator. He worked 25 years on his word for word Latin translation of the old and new testament, using the original Jew and Greek text.

God's name: We are showing Exodus 6:2,6 and two times a detail.





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