Isaac da Costa

Isaac Da Costa was born on January 14, 1798 in Amsterdam. He was the son of Daniel Da Costa, a respected businessman (wine trader) and Rebecca Ricardo, both belonging to the "Portuguese Israeli Aristocracy" - as written in a biological dictionary.

His education meant a lot to his parents; at age 8 he was send to a Latin school. His love for poetry was fostered and later when he went to other schools, it continued to grow. Of course, a big factor in this regard was his contact with Bilderdijk, whom he met in 1813 and from whom he received lessons. In 1818 he graduated in law and in 1821 he graduated in literature. Shortly after his graduation he married his cousin Hanna Belmonte. He was converted to the Reformed Church and in 1822 they got baptised. Following his studies he was unemployed and in 1826 he started to give Bible lessons in his house on Sunday nights; later also on Fridays, teaching specific theological themes. In 1834-1838 Da Costa was editor of the magazine 'Nederlandsche Stemmen over Godsdienst, Staat, Geschied- en Letterkunde.' (translated: Dutch voices about Religion, State, History and Literature'. In 1839 Da Costa was chosen to be a member of the Royal Institute for Science, Literature and Beautiful Arts.

During his life he wrote many poems. Isaac Da Coste died on April 28, 1860, at age 62.


Isaac Da Costa
1798 - 1860





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