Bratislava - Chrám svätého Mikuláša (St. Nicholas Church)

City: Bratislava lies at the foot of the Small Carpathians and extends over an area of 367. 5 km ² along the two banks of the second largest European river - the Danube. With a population of 432,801 (2010) Bratislava is the largest city in Slovakia.

The place where the current Bratislava lies has long been the crossroads of important trade routes. Celts, Romans, Germans and Slavs settled here. The city reached its peak over a period of almost 300 years, from the mid-16th century, when the city became the place where the coronation of Hungarian kings took place. Every nation has given its own name to the city: in the 13th century the Germans called it, in reference to the castle, Pressburg, which the Slavs later changed to Prešporok; the Hungarians used Pozsony. Bratislava has been the official name since 1919.

The surroundings of Bratislava have, since ancient times, been known for wine cultivation. There are more than 1000 hectares of vineyards.

Building: Chram Svateho Mikuláša (St. Nicholas Church).

This original Catholic church is found besides Bratislava castle. The church was built in 1661 by the widow of Count Paul Palffy, Countess Frances. This building, built in Baroque style, stands on the spot where once stood a Gothic church. In 1950 the violent persecution of the Greek Catholic Church began and the church St. Nicholas Church was given to the Orthodox Church.

God's name: The Divine name also appears here written in Hebrew - 'YHWH'.






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