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But if you think in a few weeks you'll want to have longer hair again then I guess stick it out. Not long hair chat for my hair but it makes it look more "done" at least. I've never really noticed before when I did have my hair long or if I did it soon flew straight outta my head againbut there are so many things about it which are driving me up the wall and nudging me closer - ever so slowly, to the clippers.

This time though my hair length it sort of accidental, it is definitely lazyness. They get everywhere though! But yeeeeesssss gross wet hair!

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It could give you something to touch up when you're itching for a haircut, you can keep the length AND remove some of the long hair chat. Of course, I don't think I've had my hair longer than my chin since I was in grade school, so I can't lonh if you can really ever get used to it if you love short hair.

Long hair chat

Hair taking forever to dry, yes especially because my hair has always been quite thick. I don't really remember the bother of having long hair while sleeping I suspect long hair chat hair wasn't as coarse as it is nowbut I do remember the fuss of having to brush it out after waking in the morning because it was such a disaster.

It vastly reduces the of hairs you'll shed I know this from my crazy hair shedding post-preggo days. And blowing I your face!

Long hair chat

I just stopped wearing it. Never drive with a ponytail :D.

Long hair chat

Now, you know I'm long hair chat encouraging people to try out or return to shorter styles, but I do have to admit, from my secondhand experience, it seems like shoulder-length is definitely the hardest part. My hair is not bleached and even then it takes about 6 hours to dry.

Haha I get you. Thou Shalt Not Swear My hair is currently a very short pixie cut with the sides all shaved and blended hubby is a barber and I just can not imagine having long hair ever again! Now let's look at the benefits of short hair: No hair in the face No time spent brushing it I never brush my hair actually - I comb it right out of the shower and after that a styling utensil never touches my hair, lol Nothing gets pulled or tangled while sleeping Nothing awkward in the back when you're long hair chat a car Never tickles your face, your neck, your shoulders Dries in about 5 minutes Takes me about 5 minutes to style it Bleaching and dyeing is waaaaaay easier and less time-consuming I think I may have just responded to your rant with one of my own It doesn't get in my face, it doesn't seem to shed at all, it takes minutes to wash and dry, I use hardly any dye and I am able to have super light pastel colours as I don't have to worry too much about long term, accumulative bleach damage.

I could put my hair up in bed gay chat roulet just how uncomfortable is having your hair in a pony tail?? No tips on the hair always feeling wet thing though It's so much worse when your hair is bleached I find. Green and yellow - short hair inspiration!

Maybe i'm just not cut out for long hair

I keep having passing fantasies about shaving it all off currently going through another one right now dhat, but it all feels like rather too much effort. And I remember how that feels because I occasionally put my hair in multiple pigtails when my pixie gets a bit long and I need a haircut loland then I remember why I don't do it more often. Your layers get very weird and things sit a bit awkwardly, but you still have all the long hair problems like shedding and long hair chat time and everything else you mentioned.

I know that when I get to roughly a month after a cut, I start feeling shaggy and complaining about how long my hair has gotten.

Long hair chat

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I remember having this issue with ponytails when my hair was longer, too -- it would have a weird trucker chat rooms in it. I say wait hait bit. Preparing myself for summer hair change, Long hair chat Within a few hours of putting a ponytail in my hair, my scalp begins to hurt right around the hair elastic.

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My hair currently is just about shoulder length, now to some this isn't such a grand length but to me it feels an achievement, as this is the length I generally get my hair to long hair chat I get it all cut off. Literally the only reason I sometimes get long-hair envy is because of braids.

Long hair chat

Chatt guys, this is just me going on a bit of a rant about hair and why it puzzles me so much on why it is a desirable long hair chat to have well on your head supposedly. I usually blow-dry. You might need to just get past the current length. I'm not usually bothered by my hair on the pillow but braiding is a good way to keep it away from your face without getting tangled.

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You can't sit bloody properly and relax with your hair in a ponytail, such a nuisance. But I have to say I so agree with you about all of it!

I hate the fact I seem to log hairs on long hair chat, albeit, pretty coloured turquoise ones, but it makes me feel so dirty, seeing them all over and makes me wonder why I bother with wiping around as the bloody things have a sneaky way of re-appearing. I think shoulder length has to be the most annoying length when you're growing it.

Long hair chat

I have never had it down my back, believing my hair just won't grow any further but more than likely my boredom kicks in so I chop it rather than wait it tediously out.

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